solar radMagnolia Solar, Inc. strives to develop and produce low cost, high efficiency, thin film solar cell modules. There is ample evidence that the global warming is a real phenomenon. It is therefore important that we use advanced technology to find solutions to reduce our dependence on fossil fuels and find clean energy alternatives to meet our growing energy needs. Magnolia Solar believes that a significant part of the solution may well lie in solar energy. Our technical staff is busy developing new means of harnessing the abundant, renewable, and entirely free energy of the sun. In this section we describe how solar cells work to harness solar energy to produce useful electrical energy.


Magnolia SolarĀ“s key innovation is in the propiatary technology that captures more of the available solar energy. Our research is focused on developing nano-structures and nano-composite materials that harnesses most of the energy available from the solar radiation. The unique design increase the cell efficiency by absorbing more light and converting more photons to electricity.

Key Innovations

  • Use of new materials to broadens the range of solar spectrum captured by the solar cell
    • improves solar cell performance by capturing more energy and provides power even in hazy atmospheric conditions harnessing UV / IR Spectrum.
  • Nanostructure-based anti-reflection coatings
    • dramatically improves solar cell performance by minimizing reflection losses at the air/glass interface.
  • A transparent, highly conductive, anti-reflective (AR) middle coating
    • acts as an absorber in one direction and as a reflector in the opposite direction to increase capture of energy.
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