Magnolia Facility

Partnership with CNSE

Magnolia has partnered with CNSE Albany NanoTech to conduct collaborative research in energy technology. CNSE Albany NanoTech Complex is a fully-integrated R & D facility. The access to CNSE center provides Magnolia the strategic support it needs during the initial stages of solar cell research, development and prototyping. Magnolia scientists and engineers take advantage of the state-of-the-art research tools to develop next generation of photovoltaic products. The CNSE support available to Magnolia staff minimizes the need for significant capital investment.

Multi-Target Sputtering System for metal deposition for contact lines for solar cells
Evaporation system with load lock capabilities
Structural Characterization (XRD) facility
Optical Characterization including PL, Absorption and transmission spectroscopy
Automated evaporation for deposition of metal lines Al, Ni and other metal contacts
Electrical characterization facility include C-V, Hall and Resistivity mapping facility
Clean room in-process testing facility
In Process fabrication and characterization facility