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Magnolia Solar, Inc. strives to develop and produce low cost, high efficiency, thin film solar cell modules.
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Our vision is to deploy solar power everywhere, since many of those without electricity are not connected to the power grid.
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We combine best business practices and nanotechnology: The key to our long-term strategy is the people we work with.

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Magnolia has developed a number of revolutionary new thin film solar cell technologies that employ nanostructured materials and designs.
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Magnolia is working in several directions to help drive the cost of solar power down to achieve parity with power delivered by the electricity grid.
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Magnolia Solar Inc.

Magnolia solar is developing a new class of thin film nano-engineered solar cell technology. Our optical and materials design offers the optimum harmony between light and materials for the highest possible efficiency.       
Solar energy employment increased by 20%
Average solar panels are less than 18% efficient
25% of roofs are suitable for solar panels
Residential costs have dropped by 45%
Install cost has dropped by more than 73%
Utility-scale sector grew 70%

Solar energy is the cleanest and most abundant renewable energy source available.

22,700 MW Solar Electric Capacity Operating
784,000 U.S. homes and businesses have now gone solar
20,000 MW of solar capacity is forecasted to come online
$1,000,000 450 individual school districts could each save more than

Meet Our Team

Our company is built with experience, friendliness and proficiency
Dr. Roger E. Welser Executive VP & CFO Dr. Roger E. Welser is the Chief Technology Officer at Magnolia Solar, Inc, where he is responsible for leading the development of next-generation solar cells employing advanced nanostructured materials and coatings. Prior to joining Magnolia in August of 2009, Dr. Welser served as Director of Technology and New Product Development at Kopin Corporation, a leading manufacturer of III-V device materials and innovator in the area of nanosemiconductor materials.
Dr. Ashok K. Sood President & CEO Dr. Sood is a 35-year industry veteran with experience that includes developing and managing solar cells, optical, and optoelectronics technology products for several major corporations, including Lockheed-Martin, BAE Systems, Loral, Honeywell, and Tyco International. Dr.
Mr. E. James Egerton Executive VP Mr. Egerton is executive vice president for product development at Magnolia Solar. Mr. Egerton has over thirty years of experience in development of microelectronics, optoelectronics and nanotechnology specifically in silicon, GaAs, HgCdTe, ZnO devices and processes. Mr. Egerton has the experience and the expertise in taking R+D technologies and transitioning it to manufacturing and reducing product costs. He has developed both electronic and optical devices and associated fabrication process while improving yield and lower cost for several technologies.
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